What the CracedCube is about?
Riddles, riddles and riddles only...

            - Push the button and get riddle for yourself, solve it and sent back answer/s
            - Every time you will send proper answer you will put your name on CrackedCube Hall Of Famous! and you will receive CrackedCubeCertificate - SOLVE
            - If you solve it as first you will get your Gift! and you will receive CrackedCubeCertificate - PRIME
            - For all solved riddles you will rank higher ( ... , .... , ... , BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND, ... , ... , ... )
            - Giving up on current riddle will lover your rank
            - Don't share your answers, we will know ...
            - There is no time limit for answer
            - You can work on one riddle at the time
            - Riddle's answers could be number (Real), word/sentence (in any language), url or location (Latitude Longitude
            - You can try you answer two times every day


            - Riddles wont be easy ...
            - Riddles are pictograms which should drive you to the answer
            - When you are ready to answer, use form from link sent to you with riddle

            We will start soon ...  (24/12/2020)

Send You email to join with rank: NEW SUPPORTER
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